Estonia issues redesigned ePassport

Estonia’s Police and Border Guard Board redesigns the country's ePassport booklet and document issuance software.

Estonia’s issuance system enables polycarbonate data page personalisation, secure chip encoding, encryption, and helps ensure the condition of the ePassports. For additional security, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board are able to track each booklet from the manufacturing facility to the conclusion of the personalisation process. 

“Estonia took a significant step forward with the new passport project, introducing the identity document which binds the history, present and future of Estonia as a cohesive design and tells the story of Estonia in the world,” said Eliisa Sau, Chief Expert of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board Identity and Status Bureau. “With the project not only was the design changed, but the first ever polycarbonate data page was introduced together with new technology and semi-automated personalisation process.”

The European country, known worldwide as a pioneer of electronic identity and services, recently issued the new passport booklet, making it possible for citizens renewing their travel documents to receive the new ePassport.

New features include the document’s polycarbonate data page incorporating optically variable inks, two laser images and a window in the shape of Estonia for strong protection against fraud.

Additional visual components that reflect the country’s identity include visa pages that showcase six native animals found in Estonia’s natural habitats and UV and embossed features that depict the local climate.

The Estonian government issues seven types of travel documents to citizens that are valid for up to 10 years.

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